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Our meter goods for suits

At TailorMate we have +3000 different items by the meter. We have Italian, Scottish, English and Australian meter goods. We have many different options available in our showrooms and stores. Our tailor-made suits start at NOK 3995, including special lining, special buttons, free design, initials and name engraving and much more. At TailorMate, we value creative freedom very much and that you should not compromise on colour, pattern or quality. We have over 2,000 meter items for NOK 3,995 alone, and you always get personal advice so you don't feel overwhelmed. We have shops and showrooms in Odense C & Copenhagen K.


Woven in Australia

Our bespoke Australian wool suits come in many colors and patterns. The contents of all the packages are the same, it is the quality of the fabric that is different.

Best suited for Work.

+5000 different items by the meter
Wool, viscose and stretch blends
great 130


Woven in Italy

Our tailored suits in Italian wool are very light to the touch and are very suitable for year-round use. Our tailored suits in Italian wool are durable and classic in appearance. The fabric lies really nicely over the body and is breathable. A suit that is very suitable for work and year-round use.

Best suited for celebrations & Work.

600 different items by the meter
100% wool
Super 120


Woven in Italy

Our bespoke suits in magnificent Italian wool come from the finest materials and weave. With our tailored suits in this category, you refuse to compromise. You want the best and finest craftsmanship. Our metered goods in this category change continuously and are therefore limited.

Best suited for celebrations & Work

300 different items by the meter
Wool, cashmere and silk blend
Super 180 - super 220

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Our Meterware for shirts

There are many reasons why custom shirts can be the best choice for many people. First, tailored shirts are made specifically for the individual so that they fit perfectly. This means that the shirt sits well on the body and follows its contours without being too tight or too loose. In this way, you can avoid the uncomfortable feeling you can get when you have a shirt that does not fit well. Another reason why custom shirts can be the best choice is their quality. Tailored shirts are made with great care and attention to detail, so you get a high quality product. This means that the shirt will have a long life and that it will look great even after many washes and uses. In this way, you can enjoy your custom-made shirts for many years to come. A third reason why custom shirts can be the best choice is their unique style. Tailored shirts can be designed according to the wishes and style of the individual, so that you get a shirt that reflects your personality and unique style. In this way, you can stand out from the crowd and wear a shirt that is as unique and individual as you are. All in all, custom shirts are a great choice for many people who want a shirt that fits perfectly, is of high quality, and has a unique style. They can be a good investment as they will provide joy and convenience for many years to come.


Classic fabric

Our custom-made shirts in classic meter goods come in many different colors and patterns. You can be sure to find what you want here. All our tailored shirts have cotton as the main ingredient, and in classic fabric with mixtures of viscose, polyester, recycled plastic and of course elastane so the shirts are stretchy.

+500 different items by the meter
Cotton blends
Some iron free


Premium fabric

Our tailor-made shirts in premium fabric come in many different colors and patterns. A smaller, more selective selection than the classic metered goods. Here you will only find 100% cotton shirts. 100% is more durable, softer and more breathable.

300 different items by the meter
100% cotton
Some iron free

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Our meter goods for coats

Our tailored coats are made from the finest materials and will give you an elegant and sophisticated look, regardless of the type of fabric you choose. Choose between luxurious cashmere, warm wool or stylish tweed for your tailored coat. All our coats are made with care and attention on the details so you get a coat that perfectly suits your body shape and personal style. Our tailored coats are also ideal for any occasion, whether you're going to a formal meeting, a night out or just want to look chic in everyday life. So if you want a coat that will make you a fashionable highlight, don't hesitate to order your custom made coat today!


Woven in Asia

Economical: The wool and polyester blend is often more affordable than cashmere and wool from England, making it a budget-friendly choice.

Easy care: The polyester in the blend makes the coat more resistant to wrinkles and easier to maintain, which can save you time and trouble.

Versatility: This blend is suitable for different weather conditions and can be worn all year round.

Wide choice of colors and styles: The wool and polyester blend allows you to choose from a wide range of colors and styles, allowing you to customize your coat to your personal taste.

Wool and polyester blends


Woven in England

Luxurious comfort: Cashmere is known for its incredible softness and warmth, making the coat incredibly comfortable to wear. The wool in the blend adds strength and durability to the material.

Excellent insulation: The blend of cashmere and wool provides excellent insulation against the cold, making this coat ideal for cool weather conditions.

Timeless elegance: the cashmere and wool blend from England has a classic and sophisticated look that suits both formal and casual occasions.

Longevity: The quality of this material and its excellent durability ensure that your tailored coat will last for many years.

cashmere and wool blends

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