At the end of 2018, Niels created his first suit and started a revolution in the tailored clothing industry.

This was the birth of TailorMate, a brand that has pushed the boundaries and set new standards. We understand that time is of the essence for our customers, which is why we introduced express delivery so that even the most impatient can enjoy our tailored suits quickly and conveniently.

We believe in giving our customers creative freedom at no extra cost, so your clothes can reflect your personal style without compromise. Niels' journey began in high school, but he soon realized that the price and the waiting time did not harmonize with his vision.

This drove him to a global search for the most skilled tailors and the finest materials to create the perfect and sustainable solution for bespoke suits.

At the end of 2021, Lennart entered the picture. After being a satisfied customer for 2.5 years, he wanted to be a part of our journey. With Lennart's expertise and commitment, TailorMate opened its second store in Copenhagen just 4 months later.

Designer og medejer af TailorMate


Co-Founder & Designer



Medejer og investor i TailorMate


Co-founder & Investor