/ Gift card

Whether the gift card is for trousers, a shirt or a suit, with our combined +5,000 different items by the meter, +10,000 different color and design combinations, you can make exactly what you want.

You can be sure that the gift will be well received and can be looked after. Since we tailor everything to the individual person, you can choose the fit and how it should sit.

In addition to giving a gift that is a physical product, you are also giving an experience. At TailorMate, our values ​​consist of quality, good experience and, together with the individual, finding what they dream of.
An experience in a special class, which offers champagne or whatever you drink, regardless of whether it is a shirt for NOK 895 or a suit for NOK 4,695.
An experience that will be remembered and clothes that will be enjoyed.

Bedste gave til ham der har alt? Et gavekort til TailorMate, byder på en skræddersyet oplevelse, man sent vil glemme.